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Privacy International: EU supports surveillance in non-member countries

By 8 December 2020June 5th, 2022Privacy News

Privacy International and 13 other civil society organizations have obtained hundreds of official EU documents which show:

  • How police and security agencies in Africa and the Balkans are trained with the EU’s support in spying on internet and social media users and using controversial surveillance techniques and tools; Read the report here.
  • How EU bodies are training and equipping border and migration authorities in non-member countries with surveillance tools, including wiretapping systems and other phone surveillance tools, in a bid to ‘outsource’ the EU’s border controls; Read the report here.
  • How Civipol, a well-connected French security company, is developing mass biometric systems with EU aid funds in Western Africa in order to stop migration and facilitate deportations without adequate risk assessments. Read the report here.
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