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Everyday, we strive to make the world a better place in some small way


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Our modern society is increasingly vulnerable to adversarial attacks, made possible by the degree to which we have integrated the digital domain into our institutions, culture, and everyday lives.

This reality leaves us exposed to a variety of influence campaigns. These include targeted advertising (surveillance capitalism), political and social manipulation via micro-targeting and misinformation, various types of fraud, and the addictive nature of many digital experiences. Children and young adults are particularly susceptible to these influences.

People feel increasingly powerless to fight against these trends. The result is an ever-increasing influence – political, economic, social, or otherwise – over every aspect of our lives. At the heart of all these negative trends is the collection of, trade-in, and misuse of personal information.

Conscious Digital was created to empower individuals to reclaim their privacy, anonymity, and free speech. It’s a long road, but each data request sent via our services makes a difference. To the individual, it means one less company exploiting their data. To the company, it is a clear message that people care about their privacy, and the small cost they pay to process the request is an incentive.

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