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We create people centered digital initiatives promoting and advancing Digital Human Rights.

Data Brokers Watch
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Empower people to take back control of their personal freedom

Your Digital Rights

A free and open source service which helps you regain control of your online privacy by instructing organizations to send you a copy of, or delete the personal information that they have on you. The service automates the process of filing data access and deletion (right to be forgotten) requests.

Data Broker Watch

Our goal is to map and track the data broker ecosystem. We curate the largest publicly available dataset of data brokers and make it available to the wider research community. The full dataset currently includes up to 60+ data points on more then 800 organizations.

Opt Out Browser Extension

Send data deletion and access requests to the websites you visit with a click of a button.

Declaration of Digital Human Rights

The declaration intends to establish a better foundations on top of which the Internet can thrive, while mitigating concerning trends which have emerged over the past two decades. It aims to illustrate an aspirational future state, to remind us and future generations of what we should be striving for.

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Product News
28 June 2022

We have been featured on BadCredit.org

Big thank you to the guys at @BadCreditorg for an excelent article about our work!
Product News
5 June 2022

Just launched: support for Brazil’s data protection law, the LGPD

We are proud to welcome all Brazilians to YourDigitalRights.org! Our privacy platform now supports Brazil's…
Privacy NewsUncategorized
23 May 2022

Firefox’s new protection against fingerprinting

Firefox already has an Enhanced Tracking Protection feature that blocks a list of known "fingerprinters"…